Hard and Symbolic links: Concepts, How to create them and Differences

Hard Links

  • The permissions of the file or folder.
  • The owner of the file and folder.
  • The location of the file or folder on our hard drive.
  • The creation date of the file or directory.
  • Etc.

How to create a Hard Link

Symbolic or Soft Links

How to create a Symbolic Link

Differences between Hard and Symbolic Links

  • Hard links are exact copies of the file while symbolic links are pointers or “shortcuts”.
  • Hard links share the inode number, symbolic links don’t.
  • Symbolic links can be made with files and directories while hard links only between files.
  • Symbolic links can be made between different file systems, hard links cannot.
  • In symbolic links if the original file or directory is deleted, the information is lost, in hard links not



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