What is a Library in C?

Libraries are known as certain types of files that we can import or include in our program. These files contain the specifications of different functionalities already built and usable that we can add to our program, such as reading from the keyboard or showing something on the screen, among many others.

Why use libraries?

Libraries provide the user the benefit to use a variety of files that can be reused in different programs. …

In this blog post we will explain some fundamentals concepts about compilation in C and illustrate with an example how is the process of it.

What is compilation?

Compilation is the process the computer takes to convert a high-level programming language into a machine language that the computer can understand. The software which performs this conversion is called a compiler.

What is a compiler

The purpose of a compiler is to convert a text file with source code into a binary file (for example, an executable). Once the executable is created, it is used like any other program. …

In this article we will explain some interesting things that Gnu-Linux user should know about links or shortcuts in Linux.

Alex Rivera Cruz

Bachelor Industrial Engineering

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